Shetland sheepdog also called as “sheltie”- that’s what I call her, too. She is a very smart dog, friendly, lovable, active and alert. She has a great sense of hearing that if you just show up at the gate, you will definitely hear a bark from this dog. Shelties are originated from Scotland which they are called the farmer’s best friend. They are the ones who shoo the birds and other animals and they serve as herding dogs. There are three basic colors of this breed: sable (ranging from golden to mahogany), black with various amount of white and tan, and blue-gray with black. Shelties have a double coat: undercoat and topcoat. The ears, head, feet, tail and legs are furry and smooth while the hair around the neck is abundant.

Shelties, at first glance looks like a rough coated collie but they are surely different breeds. Shetland sheepdog stands between 13 – 16 inches tall at the shoulder. They weighs about 14 -27 pounds and their life expectancy is about 12 – 15 years. They only need bath when they get really dirty. When you hear them scratching on the floor you need to trim their nails once or twice a month.

The herding instinct is still very strong in many of them. They love to chase things as they say and as what I have observed with my Sheltie. So better teach shelties not to chase cars because of the tendency that they will be hit by a running car. Sheltie tries to herd birds and children – running around them and barking, I tried to stop that habit of my Sheltie because I’m afraid that it may lead to biting. But I always make sure that when I command Sheltie to stop from barking, she will sense that I mean it because in order for a sheltie to listen, they need you to be calm but firm and not too harsh to avoid hurting their feelings. It’s fine for a sheltie to bark but not too much. My Sheltie bark if she sense something danger. But there are also some reasons why she bark, both she want to play with me or she sense something wrong in you – like when I’m mad or sad, she always scratch my left foot and that means she’s comforting me; that’s how sweet she is.

Shelties are good in fly ball, tracking and herding. They are wonderful family companions. Mine; prefer to be always with me and follows me everywhere. I make sure that I expose her to different people because it can help her to grow up into a good dog. Shelties can be easily trained because they are smart, other Shetland sheepdog owners can prove that. I usually give new tricks to Sheltie, some basic tricks because she gets easily bored and i want to satisfy her brain needs because if I don’t do that she always seeks for things to destroy.  So, I always give her something that will make her happy and enjoy.

Bonding with my Sheltie helps her to be calm. I always remind myself to spend some quality time with her, take her out and let her see different people. I didn’t do something that my Sheltie and I will understand each other, maybe we just love each other that we don’t need that anymore.  As for the exercise of my Sheltie, we jogged twice a week in the morning. Sheltie responds best if I praise or play with her and I give her a lot of food if she did something good. It is important to pay attention to its needs to remain a healthy relationship.

Smart, loving and friendly, Shetland Sheepdogs have all the qualities that dog lovers love. Shelties must not be ignored because they need to be heard. They must be raised in a home where people living in there are confident and also loving. Shetland sheepdog needs to be loved. Let them feel your love. Love your Shetland sheepdog and they will love you back. Just like mine!