Deep-set eyes and a large headed dog, the Chow chow, Chow for short is an independent dog and aloof. Chow usually weighs 45-70 pounds and 18-22 inches tall. It has a two type of coats, which is rough and smooth. One distinctive feature of Chow is its black-blue tongue. His common colors are solid red, black, blue, cinnamon and cream, but it can also come in tan, gray, or a rare white.

Chow is an awesome creature with his lion-like appearance, and his teddy-bear appearance but he is not a lovable kind of dog. He is independent and dignified, usually attaching himself to a single person. That’s also the reason why Chow is not that easy to train. You must be patient and willing to try many different methods and see what works. He minds his own business and simply doesn’t care what other people think of him. He is not a hugger type of a dog that may disappoint some children but he is quiet, attentive companion to his favorite person, and his loyalty extends to other family members’.

He is naturally suspicious of strangers and highly territorial. He is a homebody who’s not prone to wandering, but fences should be secured to protect him and prevent strangers from approaching him. Intruders or people he doesn’t know will be warned off with a deep growl and perhaps something a little more physical if they don’t take the hint. It’s best to meet first your guest before Chow does. He’s very protective to his love ones. Chow only let a strangers touch him if his owner introduce them to him.

Chow can adapt to a variety of homes. This dog is sensitive to heat, can live in or outdoors in cooler weather. Like any dog, Chow needs a daily exercise; a couple of 15 minutes walking is enough with him. For a Chow to develop well, it needs a firm authority and training starting at puppyhood and should see different people. Because of his deep-set eyes, Chow has limited peripheral vision so it’s best to approach him from the front.

Although, Chow is known to be aggressive, they still need to be with other people; it’s very unhappy for him if he can’t see any companion.  He needs someone who can appreciate his traits but won’t let him take over. And the best place for a Chow is to be with you.