How to make sure that your dog is clean and healthy?


Here are some ways to clean your dog and give them a healthy living.


Let’s start with bathing your dog!


A dog’s sense of smell is much greater than humans. They can pick up many odors at once. Dogs find foul odors more pleasant than we do. So to have your dog a bath, here are some tips.

First, prepare the things you need – shampoo, conditioner, towel and warm water.

Second is to get your dog to the bathroom. If you think that he is having doubt to come inside the bathroom, you can use some treats and then command him to come.

Third is bathing your dog, he should be thoroughly wet and make sure to get the legs and belly wet, too. Next is to put shampoo, begin with his shoulders, and then gently massage the shampoo down to his back. Continue to the tip of his tail, back legs, tummy, front legs and then his chest. Finish by lightly soaping his head. Immediately rinse his head and cover his eyes again, and then continue to rinse, from shoulders to chest. It is important to get all the soap off because it can cause allergic reaction.

Lastly is drying your dog. Always start with his head because it is uncomfortable for them to have it wet. And it is best to get him used to hair dryer for him to get easily dry and use that by slowly increasing the amount of time it’s on.


Next stop is cleaning his ears.


Train your dog having his ears handled. To clean his ears well, you will need an appropriate ear cleaner and a cotton balls. Cleaning his ears weekly will keep the ears free of wax and debris, and will also help you to understand what his ears look like when they are healthy. Give delicious treats while you gently massage his outside and inside of his ear. Repeat until he enjoys having his ear handled. Once he adapts all the kind of ear manipulation, repeat the procedure using a cloth and then with cotton balls. If his ear is itching a lot, it smells funny, very red and he is constantly shaking his head, it is best to get him consulted to a veterinarian because these may be an indication of an infection or other ear problem.


Third is trimming his nails.

Trimming a dog’s nails can be dangerous to both dog and human if the dog is afraid. Dogs that are afraid are likely to bite. Just like with his ears, train your dog to love having his paws and nails handled. Once you did that, it’s time to get clipping his nails. Black nails are harder than white nails to clip. It is best to make sure that your nail clippers are sharp to give a nice, clean clip.




Dogs usually shed once or twice a year. It is best to use a de-shedding tool because it allows his hairs that are detached to be removed. At first, they find it uncomfortable but they will get used to it.


That’s it. Those are some few ways to clean your dog.

 And don’t forget about your dogs exercise for him to be healthy and do different tricks so that he will not get bored and destroy some things. Just be patient with your dog and use a really yummy treats. For a dog to listen, follow and respect you – you need to respect him too and yes, it is very important let him fell your love.